Where is the club located?

We’re tucked away inside Caxton Street Brewing Company, the pub on the corner of Caxton St and Petrie Tce (formerly Fritzenberger, formerly Casablanca before that). We share the same address on Google Maps, but do not have as-visible signage. On nights that events are on, our club’s logo is projected onto the footpath outside the Caxton St entrance, and the lightbox above the entry to the club is illuminated. If in doubt, give us a call!

Where is the best place to park?

Being an inner city venue, the club does not have a car park. If you are driving, we would suggest parking on adjacent streets off of Caxton, like Sheriff, Weetman, or Judge St. Alternatively, there is paid parking available across the road in The Barracks Shopping Centre. We’re only a short walk from Milton Station and Roma Street Station if you wish to pursue public transport options, or grab a taxi/rideshare!

Does the club serve food?

Yes indeed! You can order food from the bar at our club to enjoy during the show, or you can arrive earlier to have food upstairs before the show starts. We share the same menu as Caxton St Brewing Co, which you can find here: https://www.caxtonstreetbrewing.com/food (noting, subject to availability of stock!)

When should I arrive to see a show I’ve booked tickets to?

Once you’ve booked tickets to a show, we suggest turning up at least 30 minutes beforehand. We open doors generally 20-30 min before a show starts, but you are free to make yourself at home in the upstairs part of our venue, or in our courtyard outside the club entrance and have a few drinks or something to eat before the show.

If I buy food and/or drinks upstairs, can I bring them into the show?

Absolutely! We share the same license as Caxton St Brewing Co, so you are welcome to take food/drink purchased upstairs down into the club for the show. Also, once the show is over, you are able to take food and drinks back upstairs if you haven’t finished yet.

If I’ve bought tickets, do I also need to make a table booking?

Once you book tickets to a show, that comes with an allocated table and seats in the club (although noting – a small number of our shows are run with theatre style seating, i.e. no tables, just seats). There’s no need to make a separate table booking through the venue. If you wish to arrive earlier before the show with a group upstairs for dinner/drinks, you are welcome to make a booking through Caxton St Brewing Co’s website, (although generally walk-in room is available unless there’s an event or function on).

Are people under the age of 18 allowed in the club?

Yes, (unless the show is strictly 18+ due to content), and as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. People under 18 can still order non-alcoholic drinks and food from our bar.

Given that we are a comedy club, the content of our shows generally contains adult themes and bad language. We’d recommend not booking for anyone under the age of 15 as a general rule, as our shows are not suitable for children.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, you can pay by cash or card upon arrival, pending ticket availability. It’s always best to book online ahead of time to avoid disappointment, as we frequently sell out shows. Once we are at capacity, we simply can’t let anyone else in to the show.

My friend has purchased tickets under a separate booking – can we sit together?

Yes, seats are allocated upon arrival to the club. When you arrive, simply advise the person admitting you to the club that you are seated as part of a larger group, and we can arrange your tables and chairs to accommodate.

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