Dusty Rich | Live in Brisbane

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Join the crew at Good Chat Comedy Club for an hour with South African lunatic and cult hero, Dusty Rich!

Molecules vibrating at the frequency of shared laughter and a perverse need for a humorous adventure into the mind of a mad man caught between a suburb and a hard place.

Astro travel with your collective subjective experience into the world Dusty Rich paints with a comedic brush.

Halt your expectations and come unprepared for the hilarity. It’s useless to provide a description of the show because predicting such things is as useful as plotting the position of a proton in a cosmic storm.

Ask the nerds it’s impossible.

Just use your earth money to procure a position to experience the greatest comedic entertainment filled hour you’ll ever take into your collective consciousness.

Coming off four massive shows supporting Theo Von and assuming that you all regard my humour worth the ticket admission based on the fact I performed with a famous comedian.

See Dusty Rich perform and never look at anything in the same way again.


Apr 04 2024


8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Good Chat Comedy Club
52 Petrie Terrace
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