• This Wednesday night, MC @matthew_ford is taking over the show for our Bushfire Relief Special! Get in and smack beers for a good cause x
  • This Wednesday we are blessed by the presence of Mel Buttle @melindabuttle - always a treat, we are very lucky little idiots that she puts up with us x
  • Next Wednesday night we are donating $2 per person in the door to @vinniesqld Bushfire Relief. Free entry as always, just by turning up you can make a difference. Come sink tins for a good cause, bring ya mates x
  • TONIGHT! Very special guest MC, the immortal and omnipotent Larry The Ladle Guy, is taking over the show. Thousands of years old, Larry has slipped through the fabric of time itself and ended up MCing our gig. Get weird x
  • TONIGHT! In celebration of his birthday, settle in before the show tonight as we belt out 'Play' by @moby in full. Get comfy, and sink a few before we kick off x
  • Larry The Ladle Guy is taking over our instagram stories for the next two days leading up to him hosting our show this Wednesday. Things are getting real weird x
  • Every Wednesday night seems like another fever dream has become reality. This week's show will be no exception, come sink tins with us and be weird x
  • Remember when Larry The Ladle Guy took the entire audience on an adventure into the erotic abyss with his ladle rope? Neither do we, seems just like a weird dream.

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