• Who knew that little ol' Good Chat Comedy Club would ever secure a name this big? Thursday May 2nd at @barbaraonwarner come find out "what's the deal with" our secret guest! x
  • We're stoked to be hosting the launch of our new room on Wednesday May 8, and boy do we have some nonsense planned x
  • Wednesday May 8, a new chapter of Good Chat Comedy Club begins downstairs at @fritzenbergerbne

Probably best to let your boss know you need Thursday morning off too. Official lineup and event info to come soon x
  • Round out your Sunday with our new episode with the handsome and competent @ryandarcysim - hear the boys behave as inappropriately and as disorganized as ever. Get in x
  • Get your dose of Good Chat every week with the team @fritzenbergerbne and @newsteadbrewingco - stay tuned x
  • Stay tuned x
  • Reckon you can spin a yarn and crack funnies? Flick us an email to get on our roster. First timers welcome too, show yourselves you little cowards x
  • Congratulations to one of our Good Chat alumni, @surajkolarkar for being the winner of QLD RAW comedy 2019!

Kisses to our other big dogs in the finals, @oldmateedo @bridgethassed @sandeeptotlani and the cowardly @jake.smith.gday.mate x

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