• We're back tomorrow night! Join MC @comedian_nick_carr and the boys for some straight up nonsense. Every Wednesday night at @fritzenbergerbne x
  • Sneak preview alert! Have you got your tickets to our @brisfunnyfest show yet? 'This Is A Variety Show' will be full blown alcohol fueled mayhem. (Full video on Facey, ya psychos x)
  • Guess who we have MCing this week? It's only bloody birthday boy @comedian_nick_carr the big bloody larrikin! Come get absolutely written off with us to celebrate another lap around the sun against all odds x
  • Dan Dennis (AKA Dam Dentist) is back tomorrow night. Come inquire about his career in dentistry at Fritzenberger this Wednesday x (cc: @beerbatteredboy)
  • Have you got around our new podcast with @mattblueandyellow yet? Prepare for peak North Queensland behaviour - search 'Good Chat Comedy' in your podcast app now x
  • A comedy cellar so dim that one bloke chose to wear hi-vis. Come see more interesting fashion choices tomorrow night at Fritzenberger x
  • Fuck a catchy title, we're all about transparency. This year as part of @brisfunnyfest we are bringing you our special stage show, 'This Is A Variety Show', and if it's not clear enough already, this will be a variety show. Stay tuned x
  • This is our view each show, except considerably blurrier. Come get round a pint or ten this Wednesday night x

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