• One of our favourite blokes is down in Adelaide doing his sick little show, get down to see @pissfartin do some silly little jokes at the Fringe x
  • Thanks for having us @thegriffinshotel - your hospitality and patience with our behaviour is unparalleled x
  • @capperflapper is putting on the best show of Adelaide Fringe and you need to go right now. #piginthecity
  • Hey it's only @gramenzzz the big legend himself. He has traveled all the way from Brisbane on a bus instead of a plane which is absolutely pathetic. Thanks for stopping in to do the podcast! x
  • @adlfringe #nocowardsthanks
  • Smacking tins with @capperflapper in Adelaide. He is gracing the stage at our show tomorrow night at @thegriffinshotel - Stay tuned for the podcast you psychopaths x
  • A fresh bunch of card jokes for the City of Churches as we debut our show 'Pretty Sure This Is Comedy?' at @adlfringe this weekend, accompanied by some very special guests x
  • We are at @adlfringe this week to create some painful memories. Dingo has written a new chapter to his book to share with our neighbours to the south. Stay tuned for a week of mayhem x

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