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  • Well bugger me sideways, it's only bloody Andrew Lee! Thursday November 29 come catch him grace the Good Chat stage at @barbaraonwarner x
  • 2018 has been a write off. You haven't achieved anything, and neither have we. This nightmare is almost over, so come celebrate the most useless part of the year by sucking back coldies in the soon to be oppressive heat x
  • Hey, look at this! We've only gone and recorded a podcast with one of our favourite blokes, @beerbatteredboy AKA Dan Dennis AKA Dam Dentist. This episode we debut new segments, and delve deep into what our guest's name might be. Search 'Good Chat Comedy' in your podcast app now, ya psychos x
  • We have an announcement tomorrow, don't we x
  • Cheers x
  • Yeahalrightmate.com/nottoobadthanks
  • Good Chat Comedy Club is very important culturally, please remember that x
  • This is the best photo we could get. Post podcast piss-up with @davidawoodhead of Black Comedy. DM us to ask how the view from the top of the mountain is x

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