• Our last show for this year, and a celebration of all the piss we have sank in the past twelve months. Come join us, drink with us, kiss us gently on the heads, then call us ambulances x
  • Here it is! We sat down with @davidawoodhead and got right on the turps. We introduce new segments unlike any other podcast and talk absolute shit. Search 'Good Chat Comedy' on your podcast app and tell your dad his job is done x
  • Come on down to @barbaraonwarner tonight to get on the turps for our November showcase. Doors at 6, get in early  to nab a table and smack down a few glasses x
  • No effort, no prospects, no clue. Tomorrow night at @barbaraonwarner we are getting it done. Doors at 6 x
  • Elusive and full of mystery, Steve flutters about @barbaraonwarner as if carried upon wings of gossip and intrigue. Come see what bullshit we have planned for this Thursday night x
  • This month we will be featuring the weakest link of Good Chat, telling some nonsense bullshit stories that don't make sense. Come experience the true meaning of frustration when Dingo seizes control of the microphone for a painstaking few minutes x
  • Making her debut on the Good Chat stage this showcase is the wonderful Erin Michelle Comedy. Part of 'Am I Right, Ladies?' in this year's Bris Funny Fest, in addition to her own show, we are pleased to finally have her join our lineup. More to come x
  • Well bugger me sideways, it's only bloody Andrew Lee! Thursday November 29 come catch him grace the Good Chat stage at @barbaraonwarner x

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